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Protecting Home Inspectors from Meritless Claims

Success Stories

NY-Area Home Inspector: I Will Inspect Homes Without Fear

This New York-area home inspector believes in Joe’s mission to stop the underbussing and will inspect without fear knowing The Home Inspector Lawyer has his back against meritless home inspection claims.


George Famulare: I Call Joe and The Issue Disappears

Home inspector George Famulare notices a trend – each time he has to unfortunately call Joe Ferry, the issue disappears. With ClaimIntercept, George rests easy!


Lorin Rothbell: The Math Makes Sense to Have Joe on Your Side

Home inspector Lorin Rothbell did the math – for roughly $2 per home inspection, he now the nation’s leading home inspection legal authority on his side against meritless home inspection claims.


Aaron Rath: Joe Takes Care of the 99%!

Aaron Rath is tired of the meritless claims pervading his office. He wants Joe on his side to take are of the 99% – the meritless claims that are commonplace in this industry.


David Haught: Joe Saved My Deductible

David Haught has been in the home inspection business for over 20 years. He recently turned a frivolous lawsuit over to Joe Ferry. Joe’s strategic response saved David his $2,500 deductible.


Jory Lannes: Joe Was The First Name That Came to Mind

Jory Lannes had several legal issues his insurance company didn’t handle adequately. His wife, a lawyer herself, told him to find a lawyer with experience in this area. The first name that came to mind: Joe Ferry.


Mark Panetti: Joe Allows Me to Concentrate on Home Inspections

Mark Panetti is a high-volume home inspector who realizes that calls and letters from concerned customers is part of the business, however handling it himself doesn’t have to be. Joe takes care of Mark’s “problems” so Mark can focus on doing what he does best: home inspections.


Dov Herman: Joe Helps Protect My Bottom Line

Dov Herman understands ClaimIntercept’s™ bottom line: it helps him sleep at night, which also helps his bottom line as a high-volume home inspector. Dov believes the insurance company is protecting itself, and Joe Ferry is protecting him.


Jamie Schaefer: Joe Squashed Two Reckless Clients in First 6 Months

Home inspector Jamie Schaefer discusses how Joe Ferry squashed two reckless clients within the first six months – a value-add that his business needs to work without worry!


Alan Carson: Joe Fills a Void That Exists in This Industry

Alan Carson, a past ASHI President and business owner of Carson-Dunlap, believes Joe’s Law and Disorder Seminar presentation is an educational necessity for home inspectors, and Joe’s strategic services fill a void in this industry.