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Protecting Home Inspectors from Meritless Claims

Lockton Affinity Insurance

Lockton Affinity Web Affiliate LogoLockton Affinity is here for you. And that trait is hard to find in the Brand X Insurance company that is hazardous to your wealth and is only looking out for its own best interests.

Lockton’s competitive rates, comprehensive protection, top-rated A+ carrier, expert service and belief that 99% of all claims against home inspectors have no merit helps set them apart in the industry.

And there’s another benefit. If you are a ClaimIntercept member (if not, discover the protection necessary to grow your business), and Joe can’t get rid of the Kamikaze client (which almost never happens), Lockton Affinity will credit your membership fee against your deductible.

Think of it this way. If you have ClaimIntercept and Lockton Affinity on your side + a perfected pre-inspection agreement edited by our team, you have the Complete Risk Management Solution.

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