You have taken a pivotal step in protecting your business and your livelihood from these clients and their misfortunes. We are providing strategies based on my legal background and decade in this industry so can reduce your risk profile, understand the legal foundation of your business and prepare yourself for a variety of legal situations.

Remember, we are here to protect and educate you. You may contact us with any legal questions or concerns regarding your home inspections.

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Claims Process Flow Chart

“When should I call Joe?”

“When should I contact my insurance company?”

“When should I activate my warranty service?”

We answer those questions in this claims process flow chart.

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Inspection Agreement Audit Discount

Joe Ferry has reviewed more pre-inspection agreements than anybody because he has to in order to strategically squash the over 1,600 claims that have come across his desk in the last decade.

The Inspection Agreement Audit is a detailed examination of your current pre-inspection agreement along with detailed recommendations and a post-review consult to discuss implementation. We will red-line any recommended changes and provide you with a greater understanding of what your agreement is doing to protect you!

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Professional Liability Insurance for Home Inspectors

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Downloadable Forms

General Claim Release Form
You’ve decided to return your inspection fee as a “cost of doing business.” Utilize this general release to protect you against any further demands or claims by the client. Always talk to us first – but this is a useful document in some cases.

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Client Complaint Form
Your client is demanding you did something wrong or missed a defect (hint: you didn’t). The first step to protecting your business is to have them fill out this client complaint form, which necessitates they put their issues in writing. It also is a helpful document for us if the need to respond arises.

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Downloadable Articles

How to Win in Small Claims Court
As a businessman, it is a near mortal certainty that you are going to find yourself in Small Claims Court one day, either as a plaintiff or as a defendant. This article details how to defend a Small Claims Court action, though many of the principles and techniques will be applicable to prosecuting a Small Claims Court case as well.

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6 Ways to Lower Your Risk Profile
The most frequent cause of a home inspection claim is a bad result. An unexpected problem develops some time after the inspection: a roof leak develops following a major storm, a foul odor begins to emanate from a drain, water seeps into the basement, the HVAC malfunctions. Notice that I did not say that the most frequent cause of a home inspection claim is inspector negligence. This article examines key fundamental ways you can lower your risk profile TODAY.

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Why You Need Mold Insurance Even If You Don’t Conduct Mold Inspections
One of the most common claims against home inspectors is a claim for mold damage and its remediation. These claims almost always arise secondary to some home improvement undertaking. Now, ordinarily, this is not a big deal because a. the inspector is not looking for mold because it is excluded from every extant home inspection Standard of Practice; and b. even if the home inspector were looking for it, he is not going to undertake destructive probing to find it. BUT… here’s why you need mold insurance even if you don’t perform mold inspections.

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The Law and Disorder Seminar
Understand Underbussing and let Joe Ferry inform you on how to lower liability and utilize the Killer Defense with 19 easy-to-watch videos. It’s invaluable home inspector training for pros serious about protecting their business… and it’s free for ClaimIntercept members!

Joe paints a real-world picture that shows why home inspectors are targeted for homeowner claims, how they can lower their risk profile and establish the Killer Defense. Humorous, insightful and legally on-point, Joe keeps your attendees engaged, and leaves them better informed for their careers as Home Inspectors.

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