Last November I spoke at a home inspection conference on the Left Coast. As almost always happens, two inspectors who were in attendance at that conference subsequently had claims two-and-a-half months later. Both inspectors informed me when they notified me of the claim that they had been at the conference, enjoyed my presentation very much and had enrolled in the ClaimIntercept™ program.

One inspector had enrolled immediately after the conference, the other one waited until after he had a claim to enroll. The first inspector was thrilled that he could just forward the demand letter to me for response and forget about it.

The second inspector was shocked, shocked to learn that I was not going to allow him to take advantage of me.

ClaimIntercept™ is a pre-paid program. That is, you have to be enrolled in the program before you have the claim. You cannot wait until you get notice of a claim, then enroll in the program and expect to be covered for that claim. I will still respond to the claim on your behalf but I will be charging my regular hourly rate for doing so.

Conversely, once you are enrolled in the program, I will respond to any claim seeking damages that comes along no matter how many. Several ClaimIntercept™ members have had multiple claims that required my intervention.

Even if the inspection that has given rise to the claim took place years before you were enrolled, I will honor it, as long as you did not know or have reason to know, prior to enrolling, that it would be made.

It’s analogous to the way insurance policies work. You might be able to buy fire insurance on a burning building in the Bizarro World but not in this one.

As President Kennedy used to say “The time to fix the roof is when the sun is shining.”

The time to enroll in ClaimIntercept™ is before you have a claim.

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