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A strategic response that effectively responds to meritless claims!
The first-line-of-defense tool for every home inspector

Stop Meritless Claims – Fast

You received a demand letter from a former client who wants to sue you for not finding water damage that was concealed at the time of their home inspection. You KNOW the claim has NO merit, but your insurance company wants to settle for your deductible and move on.

Who is on Your Side?

The Joe Ferry team has effectively responded to over 3,000 meritless claims before they became a financial and reputation threat to home inspectors. Join the wave of home inspectors fighting for their business and reputation.

Our team will work on your behalf to respond to any and all meritless claims, so you can work without worry on the job site.

ClaimIntercept is:

  1. Valuable, business-saving legal protection for just a few dollars per inspection
  2. A nationwide service that has home inspectors in all 50 states, Canada … and even Australia!
  3. A pre-paid program for claims that occur during your membership term
  4. A legal help line that can provide legal advice on a host of industry issues
  5. A per-inspector service – we do offer inspection company group rates! Call us at 855-MERITLESS (855-637-4853)

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ClaimIntercept Protection available nationwide

Worldwide Service

The Joe Ferry team has responded to over 3,000 meritless claims since 2006. Including all 50 states, Canada and Australia. Don’t get thrown under the bus, get protected today!

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Joe Ferry responds to meritless claims of all non-members with the same strategic response, follow-up letter and an explanation of the facts that blow away the claim’s validity. No matter how you choose to pay, every home inspector can rest assured that they no longer have to worry about a meritless claim depleting their valuable time, money and overall insurance company relationship.

ClaimIntercept delivers value


$600/Year or $60/Month (Recurring Payment)
A home inspector we will call “Ron” had the unfortunate experience of three meritless claims made against him and his business in one calendar year. They were all wiped away under his ClaimIntercept membership fee of $60/month (yearly contact) or a one-time yearly payment of $600. ClaimIntercept provides a massive savings over non-member claim intervention.