Is your pre-inspection agreement working as hard as it can to protect you? Does language on page 1 directly contradict text on page 4? Does it include every necessary risk-reducing clause that fits within applicable state law?

That standardized agreement or one you tweaked from a colleague’s template may not be working as hard as it could be to lower your liability before going on the job site.

Get Your Agreement Reviewed Today

Joe Ferry has reviewed thousands of pre-inspection agreements than anybody in the Home Inspection Industry.

Now, we are offering a new service, the Inspection Agreement Audit, a thorough examination of your current pre-inspection agreement. Along with detailed recommendations and a post-review consult with Joe to discuss implementation and any questions you may have.

Having a perfected pre-inspection agreement to utilize during every inspection is the first step in your complete risk management solution.

Cost: $500 flat fee for review, detailed recommendations and post-review phone consult to discuss how to best strengthen your pre-inspection agreement. Have a mold or radon addendum? No problem! Each addendum add-on will be an additional $150 each.

You can also bundle your commercial & residential agreements for $800.

To order the residential and commercial bundle or add on any addendum,  please contact our office at (855)637-4853.

Get Your Agreement Reviewed Today

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