What is ClaimIntercept™?

ClaimIntercept™ is Attorney Joe Ferry’s acclaimed proprietary method of responding to meritless claims made against home inspectors by their clients, by non-client sellers or by insurance carriers trying to assert subrogation claims.

Members of ClaimIntercept™ have access to the Joe Ferry team to deal with client complaints and demand letters. Our team has responded to over 3,000 claims against home inspectors since 2006 with a near perfect success rate at terminating them.

Is there a limit on the number of claims to which you will respond?

No. We will respond to however many claims a ClaimIntercept™ Member has made against him/her while a ClaimIntercept™ Member. This program includes all claims that occur during or were not an active issue prior to an inspector’s membership term. If you have a current issue and are not an active ClaimIntercept subscriber, please contact our office immediately to discuss your coverage options.

Can I contact you for advice?

Yes. While ClaimIntercept™ Members have unlimited access to our team via telephone or email during normal business hours, generally 9:00 am to 5:00 pm Eastern Time, Monday through Friday, We frequently will call or respond via email to inspectors outside of those hours.

Will you review my Inspection Agreement?

Yes. However, Inspection Agreement review is not a benefit of ClaimIntercept™, and there is a separate $550 fee for that service. Additional agreements and riders can be added for an additional fee. ClaimIntercept™ members save $100 off that price.

Will you respond to reputation management issues?

Yes. With the popularity of online reputation management services such as Yelp, the Better Business Bureau (BBB), Facebook and others on the rise, home inspectors must be cautious of business-crippling defamation by disgruntled clients on these review sites. We will respond to these issues as part of a separate reputation management service. These responses are considered ad hoc responses with the fee determined on a case-by-base basis.

Are there any other benefits associated with being a Member of ClaimIntercept™?

Yes. We believe education is at the forefront of any successful professional’s priorities. We want to provide valued professionals with access to special articles, interviews and videos. You can go here to access the Members Only area of the website. Make sure you are logged in.

I am not insured through Lockton Affinity. Can I still take advantage of ClaimIntercept™?

Yes, absolutely.

I do not have insurance through Lockton Affinity. Will having you respond to a claim affect my insurance coverage for that claim?

No. But it is very important to keep your insurance company advised of all of your efforts with the claimant.

Once our team responds to the claimant, the insurance company is put on notice of the potential claim and a copy of our response is provided to the company.

That way, in the unlikely event that our intervention did not terminate the claim, the insurance company would be on the hook regardless of when the claimant resurfaced even if it is many months or even years later — and regardless of whether or not you are still insured with that company or insured at all.

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Also, in the unlikely event that our intervention did not terminate the claim, the insurance company will have the benefit of having had us lay out all of the defenses to the claim.

I am not a Member of ClaimIntercept™. Can you still respond to a claim?

Yes. We frequently responds to claims made against home inspectors who either never knew that such a service existed or who never believed that they would be a victim. We undertake those matters on a flat fee basis that vastly exceeds the annual cost of ClaimIntercept™.