Home Inspector New Year's ResolutionsFirst, let’s get the “Happy New Year!” salutation out of the way. My team and I wish you the very best in 2017. I suggest you follow these New Year’s resolutions to get the most out of your business and make the best use of your time in 2017. 1. Raise your rates: This is something I learned in my first job at a Philadelphia “white shoe” law firm. On January 1, every lawyer’s hourly rates increased by $10 or $15. I still implement this practice to this day. Every business raises its rates for “inflation”, and you should too. 2. Stop chasing the market down: Stick to your guns. If you continually lower your rates to match the competition, you are supporting the notion that one inspector is as good as another. You know that isn’t true. Cheap Charlie is cheap for a reason. So instead of lowering your business to that level, provide value-add reasons why your product is worth more. Watch this video to discover other New Year’s resolutions you should implement in 2017.


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