InterNachi LogoEducation and legal protection are necessary business-saving tools for all home inspectors. We provide home inspectors with legal strategies to reduce risk, lower liability and strengthen their pre-inspection agreements.

And we have your back when the inevitable reckless client wants his money back plus “damages”, or he wants to destroy your business.

InterNACHI believes in my approach, and I believe in the educational and business-building services it provides.

InterNACHI is offering a FREE 1-year InterNACHI membership for new InterNACHI members when you sign up for ClaimIntercept.

Protect Yourself with ClaimIntercept- $600 Protect Yourself with ClaimIntercept- $60/Month Strengthen Your Pre-Inspection Agreement – $550 One-Time Fee

Note: These offers are only available for inspectors who aren’t currently a member of the association. (Ex: InterNACHI offer is not available for current interNACHI members.)