The other day, I got a call from an old friend and a long-time ClaimIntercept™ subscriber. He had been contacted by an E & O insurance monger retailing a product with a price that he found attractive and he wanted to talk to me about it.

I had never heard of the company but that is certainly not a disqualifying factor. After all, there was a time in my life when I had never heard of The Travelers. That’s another way of saying that there are lots of insurance companies that I have never heard of — and that you have never heard of — that are good quality, financially sound companies that serve niche markets and do so very professionally. It’s a big competitive world. What a country!

My friend, whom I’ll call Mike, because … that is his name was concerned because he currently is insured by Lockton Affinity which is the company that fully embraces my approach to dealing with home inspection claims. And he also subscribes to ClaimIntercept™. So, if he has a claim, he knows that I will be the one responding to it and that there’s a ninety-seven percent chance that that will be the end of it. He will never hear from that claimant, again.

So he shared that status with the insurance agent who had contacted him. The agent assured him that the company he was pitching did the same thing that I do. This was actually the second time that I had heard that this company was telling home inspectors that they do the same thing that I do for home inspectors, so I asked my client this question: “If that were true, don’t you think that you would be hearing that from other home inspectors and not some insurance agent?”

That is a question that answers itself.
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