There’s nothing like a birthday to drive home the point that life has stages: the Immortal Stage that lasts until about age 55 and the Mortal Stage where I am now gaining seniority at a breathtaking pace. Today, I am turning 66. A pair of sixes. Boxcars.

Ever since I became the Irish Patient, I’ve become much more conscious that life has limits. On length. It’s a depressing thought and one you need to let go of for your own sake, as well as the sake of others within your gravitational pull.

Fortunately, there are other spheres where life holds considerably fewer fixed limitations: happiness, job satisfaction, friendships, personal achievement, learning and the like.

Most of my lawyer friends seem to derive a lot of personal satisfaction from their professional endeavors, a statistical anomaly that appears at odds with reported job satisfaction surveys that one reads in legal journals. I would certainly count myself as “very satisfied professionally”.

And why wouldn’t I? I get invited to home inspection industry confabs all over the country and meet hundreds of full-time professional home inspectors, many of whom have become good friends who magnanimously share their gratitude for what I “do for the industry” and enthusiastically recommend me to their colleagues. The psychic income of this job is nigh incalculable.

It’s a wonderful life. And I am looking forward to spending the next year exactly as I spent the past one. Traveling around to industry conferences, speaking to gatherings of home inspectors and continuing the mission of squashing the torrent of unmeritorious claims that plague this otherwise wonderful industry and convincing disappointed home inspection clients to remove their spectacularly foolish and unwarranted slanders from social networking sites under pain of financial ruination.



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