When I was studying calculus in college, I thought that the text book that we used belabored a lot of points that seemed obvious to me. The book would take three or four steps to illustrate some mathematical operations that the professor would illustrate in one or two. I found this disconnect a bit annoying until a classmate explained that the author of the text could not know in advance how versed a potential reader might be in mathematical arcana so, of necessity, he would have to over-explain concepts so as not to shortchange or frustrate large segments of his readership.

I recently had occasion to recall that episode when I received an email from a home inspector that read as follows:

“I have a client making a claim and am not currently covered by an E&O policy. Are you able to assist? Does one already have to be a member of ClaimIntercept™ to use your services?”

No, of course not. You do not have to be a member of ClaimIntercept™ in order for me to respond to a claim on your behalf. I will still respond to the claim but I have to charge for the time it takes to develop and craft a response at whatever my hourly rates then happen to be.

You also do not have to be insured to avail yourself of my services. In fact, if you are not insured, you should definitely give very serious consideration to becoming a member of ClaimIntercept™.

Furthermore, even if you are insured through one of the many Brand X insurance companies that sell E & O Insurance, you can engage me to squash the claim. This is a situation that frequently arises since so many home inspectors have Brand X insurance.

A home inspector insured by a Brand Xer receives a demand letter from a client or an attorney and he knows beyond the shadow of a doubt that he did nothing wrong. But because he has a Brand X insurer, he is hesitant to report the bogus claim because he fears – knows – what is likely to happen next. His Brand X carrier will hang him out to dry and offer his deductible to settle the case.

Did I say “likely to happen”? Strike that! It is a mortal certainty that it will happen because that is the default response of the Brand Xers. When inspectors who find themselves in this untenable situation engage me to respond to the claim, I always report the claim to the Brand Xer along with a copy of my letter to the claimant. That way the Brand Xer will own the claim in the unlikely event that it surfaces somewhere down the line no matter how far in the future that may be.

Then the inspector is well-positioned to punt the Brand Xer with impunity at renewal in favor of the only company that does not treat your deductible as found money, Lockton Affinity.

So to recap, you do not have to be enrolled in ClaimIntercept™ to use my services. You do not have to be insured to use my services. You can even be insured by a Brand Xer and still use my services. But for true peace of mind, if you are going to carry E & O insurance, get it with Lockton Affinity.

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