Tip 36 - The Costs of Defending Home Inspection Lawsuit (Part 1)“What you do consider the costs to the home inspector for defending themselves against a meritless home inspection claim, considering court costs, attorney’s fees, depositions, and more?”

I received this question from a home inspector who was likely surveying the necessity of E&O insurance as a defense mechanism against the possibility of a claim and/or lawsuit brought against him for some frivolous reason.

Fortunately for home inspectors, not every claim becomes a lawsuit. Most claims, in fact, begin as a complaint from a disappointed client. If the complaint has merit, most professional business owners have the wherewithal and acumen to appease the client to his or her satisfaction.

The issue arises when the claim is not legitimate. And that’s normally the case.

How can you defend these claims? In the first installment of this two-part “cliffhanger” video, I reveal how most claims manifest and the claimant’s and his/her attorney’s motives in filing the claim.


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