As hard as it is for me to believe, today marks the first anniversary of this website. One year ago, at the urging of my very young, very talented and very savvy internet media advisors, I took a giant leap of faith and launched this website which is dedicated to providing home inspectors with timely, accurate and useful content and commentary on the myriad of issues that arise where their home inspection businesses intersect with our legal system.

As a serial entrepreneur, I am accustomed to launching new enterprises. And though I am always almost pollyannishly optimistic about their prospects, the truth is that you never really know how successful any new venture is going to be. Especially one that’s entirely dependent on generating fresh content twice a week, week in and week out.

As it happens, my faithful home inspector readership, their often quite delusional clients, the alphabet soup of national and regional home inspection associations, state home inspection licensing boards and the often suicidal professional liability insurers that serve the industry are an evergreen source of new material.

Mining that lode for a year has produced 146 separate posts which have attracted over 17,000 unique visitors and over 40,000 page views. You could look it up.

While those metrics provide an objective snapshot of the site’s relative popularity, it is the torrent of personal encomia that I receive from home inspectors all over the country and Canada expressing their gratitude “for all that [I] do for home inspectors” that is the true measure of the site’s success.

I also credit the popularity of the site for the major uptick in invitations to present the Law and Disorder Seminar to regional gatherings of home inspectors that I have received since its launch: from Sarasota, Florida to Portland, Oregon, from Naples, Florida to Las Vegas, Nevada, and along the Eastern Seaboard from Eliot, Maine to Randolph, Massachusetts to Columbia, South Carolina.

It has also introduced me and my brand of take-no-prisoners advocacy on behalf of home inspectors to many thousands of new inspectors who had previously thought that they were defenseless against the false accusations of their clients and the fecklessness of their insurance companies.

And it almost certainly accounts for the weekly avalanche of requests that I receive from home inspectors for help in terminating with prejudice the ridiculous claim du jour.

So, here’s to another year of postings, seminars and claim squashing.

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