When I first began presenting my home inspector training at the Law and Disorder Seminar back in 2007, many of the inspectors in attendance would approach me afterward and ask if they could retain my claim squashing services on a pre-paid basis – a pre-paid legal of sorts.  While I appreciated the sentiment, I was very wary of providing such a service for a number of reasons.  For one, I did not have any idea of how to price such a service or, indeed, what services to provide.  Or what the inspectors’ expectations might be.  So I simply said that it was not something that I had ever considered doing but would give the matter some thought.

Three years later, after having defeated over 150 claims aborning, I really did begin to give it some very serious thought.  I thought about how truly ridiculous the overwhelming majority of claims against home inspectors are.

When I first started getting asked by home inspectors to respond to negligence claims being made by their former clients and/or their attorneys, every single one of them was dropped after I intervened and sent a responsive letter.  After dispatching the sixteenth or seventeenth claim in succession, I thought that I was probably seeing a skewed sample.  These absurd claims could not possibly represent the universe of home inspection negligence claims.

Later, when the number of consecutive successful claim interventions reached forty, I had a different thought.  I no longer thought that the sample that I was seeing was skewed.  What I was seeing was the sample.  In other words, virtually every claim against home inspectors is without merit.  And eminently defensible.

Now, four years and close to 200 successful interventions later, I am absolutely certain that I have figured it out.  And so, last November, I began to offer my claim intervention services on a pre-paid basis.

At first, I offered it exclusively to those inspectors who had actually had to avail themselves of those services on an ad hoc hourly fee basis and the very enthusiastic response of those inspectors to the offer convinced me that this was definitely a service that home inspectors would support and that I was pricing the service fairly.

Now, I am opening the claim intervention service up to every inspector on a pre-paid basis.  Please email me if you would like further information.

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