Should You Refuse To Do A Home Inspection For An Attorney?

That’s the title of a discussion I ran across on one of the many Home Inspection Group Forums on LinkedIn. The difference of opinion and experience expressed by inspectors who responded to the query was all over the map.

One inspector who has never refused to perform an inspection for a lawyer has never had a lawyer client so much as glance at the inspection agreement before signing it. A second inspector had a couple who were both lawyers crossing out clauses in the contract that they could not abide. The inspector stood his ground and, when the lawyers also refused to budge, he walked.

Another respondent actually likes working with lawyers because, he says, they understand the need for limitations and are generally thoroughly impressed with the comprehensiveness of his work product, notwithstanding those limitations. And, he added, you can’t overlook the marketing value of having a satisfied client whose endorsement is likely to carry considerable weight.