Limitation of Liability is NOT a Home Inspector’s Best Friend

Myth 2: Limitation of Liability Not Home Inspector's Best FriendHome inspectors love Limitation of Liability clauses because, in most U.S. jurisdictions, they put a cap on a home inspector’s potential liability for negligence. However, these same clauses also stifle a home inspector’s earning potential.


I describe in the video below how Limitation of Liability clauses are completely unnecessary and don’t prevent clients and co-defendants from suing home inspectors.

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Home Inspectors: Competence Does Not Equal a Claim-Free Existence

Myth 1: Competence Equals Claim-Free ExistenceMany home inspectors believe that competence and experience guarantee a claim-free existence. They are stunned when they receive their first claim (likely a meritless one) after 20 years on the job.

As part of my home inspector training video tip series, ClaimsAcademy, the video below debunks the theory that competence equals a claim-free existence. Watch the video for further examination of the myth and how that false sense of security can hurt your business and professional reputation as a home inspector. Then make sure to sign up for my free video and case study library, which includes a robust collection of valuable information to help you, the competent home inspector, protect your business.


Don’t Create Problems Where None Exist

One aspect of human nature that has always baffled me is the tendency on the part of some people to create problems where none really exist, notwithstanding that I have been living with a member of that tribe for the last thirty-one-and-a-half years .

To these folks, a rainy day at the beach is an enormous problem. To me a big problem would be something, say, on the order of getting a leukemia diagnosis. Do you see the difference?

Several years ago, I was out sailing with some friends and one of them accidentally threw my anchor overboard. Unfortunately it wasn’t connected to the boat at the time. When he realized what he had done, he was extremely upset and nigh pathologically remorseful. I told him to forget about it. But he wouldn’t let it go.