Different Day, Different Mindset: Always Expect a Call

A few weeks ago, I posted on facebook a photograph that I took of some home inspectors who were attending a home inspector training Law and Disorder Seminar – seminarians? – that I conducted in Schaumburg, Illinois about 3 years ago. One comment that the photo engendered was: “inspector average age = 102 years.”

Not exactly, but I do not think that anyone would quarrel with the observation that the profession skews somewhat older than, say, Starbucks baristas, notwithstanding that there has always been a steady influx of young turks embarking on their second-career after mustering out of the Armed Forces or being downsized out of earlier careers. I would put the median age of my seminarians right around 50.

Most home inspectors whose age is above that median can remember a time in America when folks did not run off to the Court House for every little thing. Or even a lot of big things.